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Where can I learn more about the programs offered by Creative Results?
You can explore and learn about our programs by browsing the Certificate Programs or Elective Courses Tabs found along the top of any page of this website. "Register Now" links can be found on those pages that will take you directly to our registration system if you are ready to sign up.

How can I find out when the next Coaching Program is being offered in my part of the world?
Creative Results Management events are held year round in the US as well as Europe, Asia, and more. Year to year, we cannot guarantee where we will be next. However, as soon as venue and dates are confirmed they are posted to our website and included in our eNews and Events publications. The best way to stay informed is to be on our email list or check the event pages of this website where upcoming events are listed.
Can I get early notification when the next scheduled event I am interested in gets confirmed?
Unfortunately we don't have a way to notify you individually. Please keep a watch on our website event pages as well as our eNews and Events Emails. Sign up for our Emails here.
How can I know what time an event starts in my part of the world?
We use this website: 

You can enter the date and time of any event and click to see the times around the world.
It's a good page to bookmark and use anytime you need a local time for any event.
What can I do if I want to host a Coaching Program in my area?
While we can't promise anything, we love hearing from you about this - especially if you have a number of people in your organization or in your area that want Coaching Training, and you have strong connections in a city that's easy to get to and appeals to a large number of people. Many of our past events have come together because someone (maybe just like you) got the ball rolling. Send us an email - we'll let you know if it's possible.
After I complete my Coaching Program, will I be certified?
No. Graduating from any of our Coaching Programs and being certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) are two different processes. Please take the time to read through and understand the Creative Results Program website page that you participated in and ICF Credentials page to understand their unique differences. Upon graduation from your program, you will receive a graduation certificate which can be submitted to the ICF should you decide to go on to apply for your ICF Credential.
I want to register for an event! Where do I start?
Login first, if you've taken any other courses with us. Event links can be found throughout this website. Anywhere you see an event name, clicking the event name will take you to the event description page which bears a "Register Now" link. Clicking "Register Now" will begin taking you through a sequence of steps to register and pay for that event. You can explore the Certificate Programs or Elective Course tabs to read about events and see current schedules.
 I want an ICF credential. Where do I start?
Grab a cup of coffee and sit down to read through the wealth of information in the ICF Credentials page. Follow the links on that page to introduce you to our ICF approved training and resources. We are committed to helping you if you desire to be a credentialed coach!
I'm interested in becoming a trainer of your materials. What do I need to do?
First you need to graduate from one of our Coaching Certificate Programs (CORE or Coaching Mastery). Once that is behind you, you are qualified to purchase the 3-day Coaching Workshop Trainer License. This complete package contains all the materials needed to conduct 3 days of interactive coaching training designed to get people to incorporate coaching skills and mindsets into their various leadership roles, as well as to coach others. Visit the Become An Approved Instructor page for more information.


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