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I believe everyone in ministry - part-time, full-time, new to it, been around the block a few times, you name it - would benefit from using coaching skills.

Think of the ministry impact we could see happen if the people we minister to were empowered, equipped, and living out their calling - at home, their work, an in their communities. This is the impact that I got into ministry for.

From 2004 to 2010, I trained or organized coaching training for about 4,000 people. That's 1,000 people in the Core Coaching Skills Certificate Program and about 3,000 in shorter events. This is good, but a drop in the bucket compared to how many people need these skills.

It the past 4 years, we trained more than 13,000 people!

Centralized, Decentralized Approach

I've created a new training model. One that has the benefits of a centralized approach, as well as the freedom of a decentralized approach.

If you have The Coaching Workshop for Christian Leaders Trainer License, you are already leading coaching workshops. You lead them in your organization, your city, and some people even lead them around the world. Thank you! That's the kind of geographic stretch that is needed to get coaching skills out everywhere.

Now let's take this further.

I set up a training track in Creative Results Management called the Coaching Workshop Certificate Program. I can provide International Coach Federation approved training hours for some training events. With this new track your participants could take your 3-day training and get ICF credit for it. They could also take additional training with us and progress all the way to their ICF ACC - starting from your training.

It works like this:

  1. Approved instructors (this could be you) lead a 3-day version of the Coaching Workshop for Christian Leaders. You can schedule it anytime, with anyone, anywhere. You run your own event - charging or not charging whatever you like for it. You keep all revenue. Purchase Participant Manuals like normal.
  2. Participants complete the workshop and choose to upgrade to the Coaching Workshop Certificate Program.
  3. Participants who upgrade receive 21 ICF-approved training hours, and loads of bonuses to supplement the training they received from you. All the details of the upgrade to the Coaching Workshop Certificate is here.
  4. The Approved Instructor receives $50 for each participant who upgrades to the Coaching Workshop Certificate Program.
  5. You'll also receive a $50 referral bonus for every person you refer to the Coaching Mastery Certificate Program. Whether they attend your Workshop or not. Just get them to write your name in the "Referred by" field when they register.

How to Become an Approved Instructor

Not all Coaching Workshop for Christian Leaders Licensees are eligible to be an Approved Instructor. The International Coaching Federation has additional requirements to grant approved training hours.

I've kept it as simple as possible. Here is what it takes:
  1. Purchase a License for The Coaching Workshop for Christian Leaders.
  2. Hold an ICF credential - ACC, PCC, or MCC.
  3. Apply to become an Approved Instructor using this form. On this form you'll also tell us where to send your honorariums.
  4. Complete our Approved Instructor Training Process. This involves one of our Lead Instructors seeing you lead a Workshop. You could co-lead with the Lead Instructor, or have them observe you. This is a hands-on mentored process. You will need to cover the costs of this, although you should be able to recover it immediately through Workshop fees.
  5. Each year lead at least a couple of 3-day Coaching Workshop events.

Here is What You Receive Here is What Your Participants Receive
  • Ongoing development to upgrade your training skills.
  • Membership in the group of Approved Instructors.
  • $50 for each participant who upgrades to The Coaching Workshop Certificate Program.
  • $50 for each person you refer to Coaching Mastery, as well.
  • Possible invitation to join an Approved Trainers gathering.
  • Excellent coaching training from a better equipped instructor - you.
  • Option to upgrade to The Coaching Workshop Certificate Program, which includes:
  • 21 ICF-Approved coaching training hours.
  • How to create and coach a multi-part coaching series.
  • Introduction to the ICF Core Competencies
  • Introduction to the ICF Code of Professional Ethics. When to refer clients
  • The role of coach.
  • Sample agreements.
  • How to get your ICF Coach Credential.
  • Access to further coaching training through Creative Results Management.
How to Lead An Approved
Coaching Workshop for Christian Leaders

The steps are straight forward:

  1. Become an Approved Instructor.
  2. Schedule a 3-day Coaching Workshop for Christian Leaders.
  3. Purchase manuals for each participant.
  4. Complete the 3-day workshop.
  5. Let participants know how to upgrade to the Coaching Workshop Certificate Program. You can tell them about the upgrade before, during, and after the workshop. We'll give you information and a video of me explaining it.

Questions I'm Frequently Asked

If we were face-to-face over a cup of coffee, I would answer all your questions about becoming an Approved Trainer for the Coaching Workshop Certificate Program. But since we’re not, let me do the next best thing …

Here are the top questions I get asked most frequently, and my answers. Once you are done reading, scroll back up and register. I hope to see you soon! Q: Will you do all the logistical support for my events?
A: You have the freedom and responsibility for all event logistics. There are free services such as EventBrite for registration, which can even help you take credit card payments. Creative Results Management may list your approved event on our website, with a link to your event's information & registration. If you already have a license you can watch my video showing you how to sign up for Eventbrite and create your event in just 12 minutes. Clickhere.
Q: Can participants get ICF credits for 1 or 2-day workshops?
A: No. There is not an option for ICF credits for workshops less than 3-days. The intention is to provide a shorter, yet still effective, track for people to enter into coaching training. Three day workshops provide enough of a foundation in coaching skills for people to build on.
Q: Can my previous workshop participants upgrade to The Coaching Workshop Certificate Program.
A: No. So get your ICF ACC and let's get started.
Q: Why do I need to have an ICF credential?
A: Because the ICF requires it to grant training hours. And because it provides an outside assessment of your coaching skills, which is valuable to me and to your participants.
Q: How long do participants have to purchase the upgrade?
A: They have 60 days from the end of The Coaching Workshop for Christian Leaders that is led by an Approved Instructor. After 60 days, the Upgrade price increases to $700.

Q: Is there a marketplace or secular version of this training?
A: The Coaching Workshop for Christian Leaders includes Christian language. There isn't an option to change this feature. If you have the customer base to provide marketplace coaching training, contact me and we'll talk through some options.


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Since 2005, we led leadership development and coaching processes in more than 30 countries from over 350 organizations. In the past 3 years, we trained more than 10,000 leaders in coaching skills.

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