Assessment-Based Leadership Coaching

(7.5 ICF training hours)

Assessments are potent tools to open new awareness and accelerate development. Using a leadership development assessment combined with coaching makes growth personalized, practical, and powerful.

But how do we use an assessment in a way that both honors the ICF core competencies and propels leadership development?  This course is designed to do just that.

The recent book “The Work of Leaders” by Straw and Davis, is a meta-analysis of the writings and research of more than 300 organizational development experts. They also analyzed responses from hundreds of thousands of leaders. That’s a lot of data!

They found that the three main jobs of leaders are:

  1. Crafting vision: A great vision is developed through exploration, boldness and testing assumptions. During visioning it’s important to remain open and think big picture. It takes being adventurous and a willingness to speak out. Shared visions are empowering and inspiring.
  2. Building Alignment: Your team members and stakeholders need to be aligned with the vision, and they need to be bought in before it can be effectively executed. This takes clear communication and dialogue with a genuine receptiveness as perspectives are exchanged. With the buy-in built through this process, the vision can be made a reality.
  3. Championing Execution: This takes both momentum, structure and feedback. While much of the work of execution is done with a managerial hat on, leaders drive the process by providing a plan and analysis. Leaders also address problems and offer praise. 
You will learn how to coach leaders using an assessment based on substantial research. You will take the assessment yourself and have opportunities to coach and be coached, becoming more familiar with the tool and how to coach while using a tool. After the course you'll be ready to use this same tool with others who would like to have an individualized leadership development program based around coaching.

Course Objectives

You will discover…

  • Important coaching principles when using  assessments with clients.
  • The 3 major jobs of a leader.
  • How to coach an assessment while still adhering to the ICF core competencies.
  • Three entry avenues to using assessments in your coaching.
  • Five ethical pitfalls to avoid when coaching assessments.
  • The similarities between good leadership and good coaching.

You will practice…

  • Doing an overview of the leadership development assessment with a partner.
  • Real life coaching with classmates using their actual assessment .
  • Using powerful questions based on assessment results.

You will receive…

  • A free assessment of your leadership strengths and challenges (worth $95).
  • A powerful tool to use as you develop leaders in your sphere of influence.
  • Your DISC personality style (included in the assessment above but not a focus of this course).
  • Participant notes and value-added articles.
  • The benefit of coaching demonstrations in each session.

About this Course


  • 21+ coaching training hours.

Additional requirements:

  • Read the book, "The Work of Leaders: How Vision, Alignment and Execution Will Change the Way you Lead"
  • Highly recommended to practice coaching between lessons.
  • Reading will take 30-90 minutes between lessons.

Course Instructor(s): 

  • Katie, PCC

ICF Credit Hours:

  • 7.5 ICF ACSTH hours. You can use these training hours for your ICF membership, coach credential or credential renewal.
If you miss a class...
  • You can listen to a recording of 2 teleclasses to make it up. 
  • If you miss more than 2 teleclasses you must make it up live with an Instructor for an additional $150 fee.

What Participants Are Saying...

"Katie brings both experience in and a passion for using assessments in COACHING ... with the emphasis on growing as a coach. We both learned the assessment and had opportunity to work on our coaching. Highly recommended."
- Mark Schulz, Assessment-Based Leadership Coaching Graduate

“This class assisted me in the next step of my coaching business in expanding my coaching offerings to individuals and teams. The assessment products chosen for the course are very high quality and sound tools to offer and work with clients who are primed for growth. At the end of the course, I felt confident and ready to walk with others through a thorough coaching assessment process”. 
- Kathie Littleton, Assessment-Based Leadership Coaching Graduate

  Live Teleclass Course

A live teleclass series with Katie leading "Assessment-Based Leadership Coaching."

  • 4 - 90 minute group teleclasses.

  • Uses video conferencing via your computer's internet connection.
  • 7.5 ICF ACSTH credit hours upon completion.

  • Classes limited to 16 people.
Standard:  $339
Early Registration:  $309

*Wednesdays, June 181522 from 11:00am Pacific time.
From 20.00hrs Paris time 
*click on the link to see your local time.

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