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Life doesn't stay still. Each day brings new challenges and goals forcing us to keep learning or to wither. 

Fuller Seminary leadership professor J. Robert Clinton's researched why some Christian leaders finished well - meaning, they were godly and effective to the end. Lifelong learning was one of only 6 common factors. 

You and I need to keep learning, growing, and changing if we are to be effective and finish well.

Our coaching programs are helpful lifelong learning processes. They not only teach you new information and skills, you learn how to learn, and help others to learn.

Continue Your Learning, Elective Courses by Distance Learning 

We offer a number of Elective Courses on various topics to build on your coaching skills. Each is approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) in core competencies. 

Elective Courses are taught in live online courses which are group training sessions done through the Internet or a normal telephone, designed to help you learn without the expense of traveling to a workshop. Each class consists of interactive teaching, discussion, demonstration, and practice. Live Teleclass Courses earn ICF training credits. These courses are a great way to learn and interact from a distance.

Some courses have prerequisites. Use the chart below to find a course that interests you. Click on the title for more details and registration.

Electives Courses
(Prerequisite training hours for live courses: None or 21+ training hours.)

Assessment-Based Leadership Coaching
Coaching a leader's development with the Work Of Leaders assessment. (7.5 training hours)

Coaching in Everyday Conversations
Know when and how to leverage your coaching skills in day to day conversations.

Coaching Leaders
Increase your competence and confidence to engage those at various levels of leadership. (10 training hours)

Coaching Side-Gig
Developing income through value-based coaching. (10 training hours)

Coaching Transitions
Skillfully coaching an individual through a time of a transition could be one of your greatest contributions as a coach. (7.5 training hours)

Cross-Cultural Coaching
How to increase your effectiveness coaching people of other cultures. (7.5 training hours)

Establishing the Coaching Relationship
How to establish agreement, lead your first coaching appointment, create series goals, and ICF ethics, competencies, and credentialing. (10 training hours)

Group Coaching
How to create an empowering environment that supports people in achieving their personal and professional goals. (7.5 training hours)

Raise Your Coaching Skills
Provides the practice, skill development, and support you need to coach well. (10 training hours)

Right Brain Coaching
Coaching the whole person, with the whole brain, for a whole perspective. (7.5 training hours)

Spiritual Development Coaching
Coaching a the spiritual development of clients. (7.5 training hours.)

Strengths-Based Coaching
How to skillfully discover and utilize your own strengths and those of your clients for greater results. (7.5 training hours)

(Prerequisite training hours for Live Courses: 48+)

Coaching Excellence (Mentor-Coaching) for ACC or PCC
Take your coaching skills to the next level. Meets ICF requirements for 10 mentor-coaching hours. (12-15 training hours)

Coaching the Whole Person
Advanced coaches hear openings to coach what's going on inside the client. We'll show you how to ask for, recognize, and coach the client's internal processing - including emotions. (23 training hours)

Upcoming Teleclass Courses

Build On Your Certificate Program, Get Your ICF Coach Credential

There are no dead-ends with our certificate programs. We have a lot of options for you!

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) approved each as part of our Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) in core competencies. When you take these courses you will earn ICF training hours. You can use these training hours for your ICF membership, coach credential, or credential renewal.

The chart below shows our certificate programs in green and how to continue your learning with Elective Courses. 

The Coaching Workshop Certificate Program is a 21-hour ICF-approved program. Continue your coaching training by taking Elective Courses for your own benefit or to complete the requirements for an ICF ACC credential. Later, add more Elective Courses or even take the Coaching Mastery Certificate Program to go all the way to a PCC.

The Coaching Mastery Certificate Program exceeds the training requirements for an ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential with that one program. After that, you can take Elective Courses to continue your learning all the way to a PCC.

Previously we offered the Core Coaching Skills Certificate Program, which was a 60 or 61 hours program, depending on when it was taken. If you took CORE, continue your coaching training by taking Elective Courses. Take Coaching Excellence (Mentor-Coaching) to complete the requirements for an ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential. After that, you can take Elective Courses to continue your learning all the way to an ICF PCC.

But I Trained With Another Organization...

Did you do some of your coaching training through another organization? No problem. You can take Elective Courses to build on your training. Find out from your previous training organization how many coach-specific training hours you've already taken. You may need to refer to the ICF's definition and rules for what constitutes a training hour. From there, join at the appropriate training level.

I've Got A Rock-Solid 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I am so confident that you will benefit from these Elective Courses that I offer a money back guarantee.

If you take an Elective Course and at any time before the 3rd teleclass determine that we haven't delivered as promised, email me at help@creativeresultsmanagement.com and I will promptly refund your registration fee.

No problem. No questions asked. You have my word on it. My friends think I'm CRAZY for doing this because they say "What if people just take advantage of you?"

To that, I say, why would I penalize the 99% of people in the world who are good people because of a few bad eggs? So, that's why I'm happy to offer this risk-free guarantee.

Questions I'm Frequently Asked

If we were face-to-face over a cup of coffee, I would answer all your questions about our Elective Courses. But since we’re not, let me do the next best thing …

Here are the top questions I get asked most frequently, and my answers. Once you are done reading, scroll back up and register. I hope to see you soon!

Q: How are the Elective Courses delivered? 

A: We have courses which are taught live through your Internet browser or over a normal telephone line with a group of up to 10-16 people and one of our Instructors. Live courses earn ICF training credits.

Q: How to I register for an Elective Course? 

A: Click on an Elective Course in the list above or the drop-down menu at the top of the page. Registration links are on each course's page.

Q: Do all Elective Courses earn ICF training credits?

A: Yes. These are classes held live with a group up of 10-30 people and one or two of our Instructors.

Q: What if I didn't take any of your certificate programs?

A: No problem. You can still take Elective Courses to build on your training. Or take one of our certificate programs. Find out from your previous training organization how many coach-specific training hours you've already taken. You may need to refer to the ICF's definition and rules. From there, take the Elective Courses that are at the appropriate training level.


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