Coaching Mastery Advantage

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We teach and practice with you, everything you need to coach effectively.

Specialized coaching training in how to help people solve problems and reach goals through personal breakthroughs—all without telling people what to do. 

In Coaching Mastery Foundations you learned how to integrate coaching skills to improve your other roles, such as, supervision, mentoring, consulting, discipling, teaching, etc. In Coaching Mastery Advantage, you will focus on developing intentional coaching relationships to assist people to move forward in challenging areas of their lives. In other words, to be a coach!

Coaching Mastery Advantage gives you what you need to coach at a professional level. We cover:

  • The role of coach.
  • Deeper training on listening, reflective inquiry, building trust, generating action, and following up.
  • How to establish the coaching relationship.
  • ICF Core Competencies & ICF Code of Ethics.
  • Best practices for a coaching relationship.
  • and more.

You will also receive ICF-qualified mentor coaching. Mentor coaching is a process where you learn, practice, and receive expert feedback from our Instructors. The ICF requires 10 hours of mentor coaching and Coaching Mastery Advantage provides that experience through our small group cohorts and individual sessions with an Instructor. You'll complete the course and the larger program with a Level 1 final assessment.

Live Online Training 

Coaching Mastery Advantage is made up of six 3.5-hour plenary online sessions, followed by five 2-hour small group mentor coaching sessions, and 2 individual mentor-coaching sessions with an instructor. At the end of 5 months or so, you will have completed all the course requirements. We use Zoom with audio and video, and make extensive use of breakout rooms for discussion and practice. 

"The class beat my expectations. It was fast paced and the time flew by. The teaching team did an expert job keep the team engaged in the learning goals."
Barney Zeng, Coaching Mastery, May 2022


The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is the world's largest coaching association with more than 50,000 member coaches from around the world. 

Coaching Mastery Advantage is the final course in the Level 1 Coaching Mastery Certificate Program. Many graduates go on to get their ICF coach credential. If that's your goal, you can too using the faster, easier and less expensive ICF ACC Level 1 application path. 

Included Resources

Coaching Mastery Advantage uses proprietary materials designed to help you learn the mindsets and skills of a coach and use them in any conversation. 

We provide PDF copies for you to print for your use. If you're in the USA, we'll mail you printed copies.

You'll receive:

  • A copy of Coaching in Ministry book.
  • The COACH Model® Sheet with key questions.
  • The COACH Model® Card with key questions.
  • The Coaching Mastery Advantage participant manual.

Course Outline & Objectives

1. Six 3.5-hour plenary sessions delivered live on Zoom. Your road to becoming a professional coach continues with a hands-on, interactive coaching intensive. Topics covered...

  • The Role of Coach
  • Mindsets of a Coach
  • Spiritual Dynamics in Coaching
  • Establishing the Coaching Relationship
  • Effective Listening
  • Asking Powerful Questions
  • Generating Feedback
  • Designing Action Steps
  • ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics
  • And More

2. Five 2-hour online small group mentor coaching sessions, over the next three months. Immediately following the plenary sessions these small group classes are led by our instructors to further equip you.

  • Continue your journey with your instructor and other participants.
  • Continue to practice coaching and receive feedback.
  • Get practical coaching tools to use with the people you coach.
3. Two 90-minute individual mentor coaching sessions. 

To fine-tune your coaching after you've had a few months of practice, one of our instructors will meet with you one-on-one on Zoom. This learning process will move you forward and prepare you for your ICF ACC application, if you wish.

4. A final assessment. 
We'll help you prepare a coaching conversation and give it a full Level 1 performance evaluation. When you've completed the above requirements and pass the final assessment, you'll receive your ICF Level 1 Certificate from us.

About this Course


Course Delivery:

  • Delivered "live" through Zoom with audio and video, including practice rooms for coaching.
Additional requirements:
  • Implement coaching with your clients.
  • Additional reading homework.

ICF training hours:

  • 45 ICF training hours as part of the CRM's ICF Level 1 and Level 2 Certificates. 
  • Qualifies as 10 ICF mentor coaching hours.
  • You can use these hours for your ICF membership, coach credential, or credential renewal. All hours are Core Competencies.

ICF Level 1 Certificate

  • A Level 1 Certificate will be awarded on achieving a passing score on the assessment and fulfilling the other requirements of the Level 1 Certificate.
If you do not pass the final assessment
  • A retake process is available for those who do not initially achieve a passing score on the assessment. Through this process, candidates can submit a new recording and transcript without retaking this course. 

  • A retake must be done within six months from the date of your results email. The fee for the retake process is $150.

Your Instructor:

  • Qualified Creative Results Management Instructors.

If you miss part of the course...
  • You may miss up to 25% the live plenary sessions and make them up by listening to recordings.
  • You may miss up to 1 small group mentor coaching session and make it up by listening to a recording.
  • Missing more than the above limits can be made up at $150 an hour with an Instructor.
Recommended Class after Coaching Mastery Advantage...

What Coaching Mastery Participants are Saying...

“This was my first big step toward ICF Certification and is well worth the time and financial investment."
—Greg Thomas, Coaching Mastery, September 2020

“The Coaching Mastery Certificate Program was everything I needed to learn how to coach with compassion and confidence.”
—Taryn Nergaard, Coaching Mastery, September 2020

Coaching Mastery Advantage Pricing and Dates

Standard Registration $3,249
Early Registration $2,999 (Full payment 14 days early)
Payment Plan $3,249 (6 payments)

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July 181922232526, 2024
Small Group Dates: click Enroll Now for details
9:00 AM - 12:30 PM Pacific
12:00 PM - 3:30 PM Eastern
18:00 - 21:30 Paris & Cape Town
20:00 - 23:30 Dubai

September 91012131617 2024
Small Group Dates: click Enroll Now for details
9:00 AM - 12:30 PM Pacific
12:00 PM - 3:30 PM Eastern
18:00 - 21:30 Paris & Cape Town
20:00 - 23:30 Dubai

November 7811121415, 2024 (US Evening/Asia Morning)
Small Group Dates: click Enroll Now for details
5:00 PM - 8:30 PM Pacific
8:00 PM - 11:30 PM Eastern
+1 day 09:00 - 12:30 Singapore
+1 day 12:00 - 15:30 Sydney
+1 day 14:00 - 17:30 Auckland

Advantage Is the Second Step to a Professional Coach Certification 

Coaching Mastery Advantage is the second course of the Level 1: Coaching Mastery Certificate Program

Step 1: Coaching Mastery FoundationsYour road to becoming an effective coach starts with a hands-on, interactive coaching intensive. This 3.5-hour x 4 sessions program gives you the tools, practice, and feedback you need to use coaching at work and in life.

Step 2: Coaching Mastery Advantage. Continue your journey by developing your coaching skills and mindsets and expanding your capacities, both professionally and personally. This longer course includes what you need to set up and confidently engage in intentional coaching conversations. The course takes 5 months, because as a set of skills, coaching takes practice and feedback, which takes time. And it works. 

Once you also have 100 total client coaching hours, you may apply to the ICF for a ACC using the faster, easier, and less expensive ICF ACC Level 1 application path.


Keith WebbIf you're a Christian leader and want to multiply your impact, we can help. I developed The COACH Model® and our ICF-approved Christian coaching training to help you achieve organizational results while simultaneously developing people.

Since 2005, we led leadership development and coaching processes in more than 30 countries from over 350 organizations. In the past 3 years, we trained more than 10,000 leaders in coaching skills.

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