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Level 1 Coaching Mastery Certificate Program

(60 ICF Level 1 training hours with 10 Mentor Coaching hours) Register >> 

Professional level coaching training for Christian leaders.

Hi, I'm Keith Webb the founder of Creative Results Management. In the Level 1 Coaching Mastery Certificate Program we deliver exceptional coaching training that will transform your leadership.

You will learn how to...

  • Dramatically increase your leadership impact
  • Learn the practical skills for developing and coaching others
  • Raise up effective leaders
  • Powerfully supervise people remotely

Why Coaching?

Coaching at its core is a series of intentional conversations. It’s a process which empowers a person to fully live out their calling.

Because conversations are at the base of everything we do, coaching is the most effective tool I have seen for connecting with people, getting things done, and helping people learn and make changes.

That’s why I created the Level 1 Coaching Mastery Certificate Program. It’s everything you need to start your coaching journey. 

You may already know who I am through my book, The COACH Model For Christian Leaders

Since 2005, I've built a global coaching training organization dedicated to helping Christian leaders multiply their impact.

Whether you want to grow as a leader, at developing your people or you would like to explore adding professional coaching to your career, this hands-on training that will fully equip you to coach others well.

"I use coaching skills all day long in my role managing 5 direct reports and working with the executive team. The intensive practice and learning in the Coaching Mastery Certificate Program equipped me to lead in an empowering way by asking good questions instead of always telling people my perspective & ideas. Since the training I’ve become a much better leader of leaders.”

Regina Bergeron
Global Chief Development Officer at Alpha International

The Level 1 Coaching Mastery Certificate Program has been examined by the International Coaching Federation. They went over our program with a fine-tooth comb. The ICF approved the whole program as a Level 1 Certificate program and part of our Level 2 Certificate program. We call it all-in-one ICF ACC because it includes the training, mentor-coaching, and performance evaluation needed for an ICF ACC coach credential. 

What does this mean for you? You're getting verified world-class training. And once you graduate from the program and have 100 client coaching hours, you can apply to the ICF through the faster, easier, and less expensive Level 1 application path.

More than 500 of our graduates have received an ICF coach credential. You can too!

"Taking this course has given me confidence in leading a diverse team. I enjoyed the engagement and interactions provided within the intensives so much that I lost track of time. You do lose track of time when you are having so much fun." 

Regie Wang
Director of Mobilization, SIM Canada

What Does The Coaching Mastery Certificate Program Include?

We teach and practice with you everything you need to coach effectively.

The Level 1 Coaching Mastery Certificate Program is made up of 2 courses with multiple sessions in each. In as little as 6 or 7 months, you can complete all the ICF's training and mentor coaching requirements for the ICF Associate Certified Coach credential.


There are no prerequisites. Begin with Coaching Mastery Foundations.

Live Online Training 

Step 1: Coaching Mastery FoundationsYour road to becoming an effective coach starts with a hands-on, interactive coaching intensive. This four 3.5-hour sessions program gives you the tools, practice, and feedback you need to use coaching at work and in life. Topics covered:

  • Introduction to Coaching
  • Spiritual Dynamics in Coaching
  • The COACH Model®
  • Effective Listening
  • Asking Powerful Questions
  • Partnering to find the most relevant topic
  • Generating Feedback
  • Designing Action Steps
  • Following-Up
  • And More
Step 2: Coaching Mastery Advantage. Continue your journey developing your coaching skills and mindsets, expanding your capacities, both professionally and personally. This longer course includes what you need to set up and confidently have intentional coaching relationships. The course takes 5 months, because as a set of skills, coaching takes practice and feedback, which takes time. And it works!
  • Six 3.5-hour online plenary sessions delivered over two weeks. Your road to becoming a competent coach starts with a hands-on, interactive coaching intensive.
  • Five 2-hour online small group mentor coaching sessions, over the next three months. Immediately following the plenary sessions these small group classes are led by our instructor to further equip you.
  • Two 90-minute individual mentor coaching sessions. To fine-tune your coaching after you've had a few months of practice, one of our instructors will meet with you one-on-one online. This learning process will move you forward and prepare you for your ICF ACC application, if you wish.
  • A final assessment. We'll help you prepare a coaching conversation and give it a full Level 1 performance evaluation. When you've completed the above requirements and pass the final assessment, you'll receive your ICF Level 1 Certificate from us.

Once you also have 100 total client coaching hours, you may apply to the ICF for an ACC using the faster, easier, and less expensive ACC Level 1 application path.

Included Resources

The Coaching Mastery Certificate Program uses proprietary materials designed to help you learn the mindsets and skills of coaching and use them in any conversation. 

We provide PDF copies for you to print for your use. For Coaching Mastery Advantage, if you're in the USA, we'll mail you printed copies.

You'll receive:

  • A copy of The COACH Model for Christian Leaders book.
  • The study guide for The COACH Model for Christian Leaders.
  • The COACH Model® Sheet with key questions.
  • Mastery Foundations and Mastery Advantage participant manuals.

"The Coaching Mastery Certificate Program was an explosive time of learning, awareness, and growth. I feel more free to listen to the Holy Spirit as I coach. I already have six coaching clients. This for me has been such turn around. Though I live in the Netherlands, I could attend because it was online."

Veena Joseph
Forerunners Consulting and Coaching

  Level 1 Coaching Mastery
Certificate Program

Total ICF-Approved training hours 60 hours
Live online training with coaching experts over Zoom
275+ page manuals
Use the COACH Model®
Downloadable worksheets, coaching tools, sample client agreements
Meets the ICF's training hours requirement for an ICF ACC
5 observations of your coaching with Instructor feedback
3 hours one-on-one mentor coaching with an Instructor
10 total qualified mentor-coaching hours
Meets the ICF's mentor-coaching requirement for an ICF ACC
Final Level 1 Assessment
Downloadable audio recordings of teleclasses
Use the faster, easier, and less expensive, ICF ACC Level 1 application path
Flexible cancellation and make-up policies

Level 1 Courses

ICF-Approved Training Hours Standard Registration

Early Registration
(full payment 14 days before)

Step 1: Coaching Mastery Foundations 15 hours $599 $499

Step 2: Coaching Mastery Advantage

45 hours* $3,249 $2,999
Totals  60 hours* $3,848 $3,498
(save $350)

* Includes 10 qualified ICF mentor coaching hours.

Note: If you completed the previous version of the Coaching Mastery Certificate Program, or have other training with us at that level, contact us about transferring into this new Level 1 Certificate program. For Coaching Mastery graduates since January 1, 2018, you may be able to add the Level 1 Assessment and receive a Level 1 Certificate.

The First Step To Multiplying Your Impact is a Click Away!

The Level 1 Coaching Mastery Certificate Program is great leadership training, and great professional coaching training. More than 2,000 other Christian leaders have already benefited from the training, and now you can too.

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Find the best dates to begin your coaching journey. This four x 3.5-hour sessions course will teach you how to transform your daily conversations, while building the foundation to becoming a great coach. And it's the first step toward a coaching certificate and coach credential.


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Schedule a call with us. We'll listen to your situation and goals and share how our coaching program might help. 

As a business owner, coaching went from an informal function to our main services. I needed professional training and International Coaching Federation certification. After looking at a number of programs, I chose the Coaching Mastery Certificate Program. It reinforced what I knew and skilled me up further beyond my expectations."  

Justin Setzer
Founder, Plan To Lead Inc.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you attend Coaching Mastery Foundations and at any time in the first two sessions of the program determine that we haven't delivered as promised, email me at and I will promptly refund your money.

No problem. No questions asked. You have my word on it.

Questions I'm Frequently Asked

If we were face-to-face over a cup of coffee, I would answer all your questions about the Level 1 Coaching Mastery Certificate Program. But since we’re not, let me do the next best thing …

Here are the questions I get asked most frequently, and my answers. Once you are done reading, scroll back up and register. I hope to see you soon!

Q: I work in a business, not a nonprofit, is Coaching Mastery relevant to me?

A: Yes! The mindsets, skills, and tools we teach can be fully utilized in a business environment. We teach from a Christian worldview, but our coaching processes can be used with or without Christian language. Many Coaching Mastery graduates coach in their companies and make a big impact. Our training will help you be a more empowering manager and develop the leadership capacity of those you coach.

Q: Are all the trainings remote through video conferencing? 

A: Currently all instruction and events are online using Zoom video conferencing. We saw significant increases in participation and enrollment when we removed the cost of travel required for on site training. Utilizing breakout rooms for small groups and 1-on-1 coaching has the same impact and insights of in-person events. 

Q: Are there any scholarships available for nonprofit folks?

A: Not individually. We keep our operating costs low so our program fees are as reasonable as possible. Still, it can be a challenge for some. Many nonprofit folks have raised the money that they needed to attend our programs through their prayer and financial supporters. Download this sample fundraising letter.

Q: How long has Creative Results Management been around?

A: Our first professional Christian coaching program was in October of 2006 in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Since then, we've held more than 100 professional-length programs (60+ training hours) around the world with more than 2,000 participants. When you include shorter 1, 2, and 3 day trainings, we've trained more than 15,000 people just in the past 5 years.

Q: Why is International Coaching Federation (ICF) approval such a big deal?

A: Credentials are only as good as the association behind them. The ICF's requirements are rigorous and highly respected. Our participants want the highest standard, and we help them get there with the ICF. The Level 1 Coaching Mastery Certificate Program is approved by the ICF as a Level 1 Certificate program and as part of our Level 2 Certificate program. It meets the training and mentor-coaching requirements for ICF membership and the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) designation.

Q: I've heard about other coaching associations, why isn't your training accredited by these too?

A: There are many smaller coaching associations out there. We align with the world's largest and most international coaching association - the International Coaching Federation (ICF). We're also a member of the Christian Coaches Network International.

Q: When I graduate from Coaching Mastery do I automatically get an ICF credential?

A: Upon graduation you will have met the training and mentor-coaching qualifications for the ICF Associate Certified Coach. The ICF also requires 100 client coaching hours and a multiple choice exam. We will show you how to apply through the faster, easier and less expensive ICF ACC Level 1 application path. More than 500 people have received an ICF ACC, PCC, or MCC credential with our training hours.

Q: What qualifies your instructors to teach coaching?

A: Creative Results Management instructors are first of all practitioners. They bring decades of on-field work & ministry experience and personal mastery in coaching and training. They work and live all around the world. All our coach instructors are Credentialed Coach Members of the ICF. Several of our instructors serve as leaders on their local ICF chapter boards. Click to see the instructors.

Q: Are the instructors successful coaches?

A: Yes, and recognized by their peers as such. See above.

Q: What coaching credentials do the instructors have?

A: All faculty are ICF Certified Coaches. Most are a Professional Certified Coach and Master Certified Coach.

Q: How much of the training is voice-to-voice vs independent or self-directed?

A: All of the Level 1 Coaching Mastery Certificate Program's training hours count as ICF Core Competency training. The ratio of synchronous to asynchronous is about 70/30.

The ICF and other coaching associations have strict requirements regarding how much must be live voice-to-voice instruction. Don't be disappointed to learn later that your coaching training doesn't count toward and ICF credential.

Q: What support does Creative Results Management offer Coaching Mastery graduates?

A: Our website allows participants to login and track their progress throughout their program. They are able to create a profile, interact with other participants and graduates, and access bonus training materials and resources. 

We offer advanced courses on topics that will further equip and support you. 

Q: What if I this training doesn't meet my needs?

A: No problem. If you attend Coaching Mastery Foundations and at any time during the first 2 plenary sessions of the program determine that we haven't delivered as promised, I will promptly refund your money. You have my word on it. (See my satisfaction guarantee above.)

Q: What if I have a question or need support?

A: We are here to help. Click the "Got a question?" button to send us a message. We'll email or phone back.

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Keith WebbIf you're a Christian leader and want to multiply your impact, we can help. I developed The COACH Model® and our ICF-approved Christian coaching training to help you achieve organizational results while simultaneously developing people.

Since 2005, we led leadership development and coaching processes in more than 30 countries from over 350 organizations. In the past 3 years, we trained more than 10,000 leaders in coaching skills.

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